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About Us

Twenty-Eight North Farm is a small family farm located in South Central Texas. We work with Dutch Belted Cattle, Nubian Goats, Guinea Hogs, Emu, Peking Ducks, and Chickens.

About ten years ago we got the itch to start farming and raise our own livestock. The problem was we lived in the middle of the city on a 1/4 acre almost totally shaded property. We raised quail, had our backyard chickens, and occasionally other random fowl much to the annoyance of our neighbors. We turned our front yard into an edible garden and grew whatever could tolerate shade.

We finally sold our city house and bought some acreage to become part-time farmers while still working in the engineering field. Then 2020 happened. We decided to go 100% into what we always have wanted to do.

We are currently members of the following Associations

  • Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America
  • American Emu Association
  • American Dairy Goat Association
  • American Guinea Hog Association