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About Twenty-Eight North

My name is Enrique Espinoza but please call me Rick. I grew up on a medium-sized farm that had rich fertile living soil in the Rio Grande Valley. Take a look at the wikipedia link to learn more about the Rio Grande Valley. The Valley is a very special subtropical place for plants and animals flourish beyond your expectations. I lived with my extended family which included my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, my parents, and a few family friends that were ranch hands on a 1000+ acres. Our passion was to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with the land and animals which gave us our livelihood. 

We rotated corn, cotton, sorghum, coastal hay, soybeans, and various cover crops. My French heritage family hailed from Spain during the generation before my Grandparents and the other part of my family were migrant workers that migrated from the foothills of the Chihuahuan mountains in Mexico. We practiced old world techniques of no tilling, utilizing biochar, rotating grazing animals, producing our own nutrients(N-P-K), fighting erosion, companion planting, working with mycelium and using rainwater combined with well water.

Our grazing animals consisted of a hybridized breed of cattle that were raised on grass and were finished on grass. Our farm was NOT Certified-Organic, but we practiced as an Organic farm would naturally. We had selectively bred an Angus – Brahman hybrid that had great meat quality, excellent dairy characteristics, and could survive in the extreme temperatures of the Valley. Our respect for the land and the animals yielded us 15-30% more produce than any modern farmer in our region, being stewards of the land ensured that my generation would inherit fruitful land and animals.

Unfortunately, my Grandfather passed-away as I was attending the Science Academy in South Texas.  I wanted to absorb as much of the STEM knowledge that I was gaining to bring back to the farm and take it to the next level. The elders in my family decided collectively to sell the land and animals so that they could fund the next generation’s education. With no farm to return to I decided to continue gaining knowledge and to better understand this world  through a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Texas – San Antonio.  The next generation produced Doctors, Nurses, Business Professionals, and Engineers. We had all left the farm to go out into the world, but I never forgot where I came from.

In 2018, my youngest son started having seizures and nothing could provide the little guy relief. After trying all types of specialists, procedures, and medicines we just got so frustrated with big city life that we decided that our way of life must change. We sold our Austin home, I quit my engineering job, and we decided to find a new way of living going back to my roots as a farmer/rancher. This way of life gave my wife and I the ability to spend time with our two children. In 2019 the Texas Legislature expanded the Compassionate Use program to include children with his issues. This meant our little guy could use CBD to help him through his issues.

We believe our change in life, farming/ranching, and CBD saved our little guy’s life and allowed him to start moving forward with his life. I am a true believer that your way of life and CBD-THC can make a change in anyone’s life. Our new way of life – my old way of life gave us a new perspective on life.

We named our small farm/ranch Twenty-Eight North Farm and registered it in San Patricio County Texas. We decided to work with Dutch Belted Cattle, Nubian Goats, Guinea Hogs, Emu, Peking Ducks, and Chickens.

We are currently members of the following Associations

  • Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America
  • American Emu Association
  • American Dairy Goat Association
  • American Guinea Hog Association