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Author: Sara

Surprise Chicks!

We found a momma hen and her clutch of chicks this morning!

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Heifer sale

Two heifers are available –

16 Month old heifer

16 month old 100% and registered Dutch Belted heifer available. She doesn’t have a full belt but she looks belted if you see her from just the right angle. $1500. Registered with the American Dutch Belted Cattle Association. Call or fill out contact info if you are interested.

7 month old heifer calf

7 month old heifer calf available for sale. She has a beautiful big belt! 100% and registered with the American Dutch Belted Cattle Association. $1800. Contact us or call for more info.

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We went to pick up our new livestock trailer and came home with a truckload of cantaloupes as well! Our pigs are really loving the over-ripened ones!

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Taro Root

The first taro plant is coming up! A toad lives in the pot too. Hopefully he won’t tear up the roots with all his digging around …

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Kid School

It’s school time for all the kids on the farm! The four legged ones are practicing walking on a leash today. This little guy’s favorite part of school is definitely lunch time!

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We Have Rice!

Our trial rice is starting to go to seed! Hopefully we’ll have enough to plant a large area next season!

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Barred Rock Pullets

Our Barred Rock chicks are growing up quickly! We will probably be getting more chicks soon but not sure which breed. We might change it up a bit and get Marans and Easter Eggers again that lay dark brown and green or blue eggs!

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Pigs available for sale

Two 10 month old girls available.
Two 2 year old females available. They have been with our boar but don’t get along with him so unlikely to be bred.

We have several purebred American Guinea Hogs available for sale. We have 2 males and 2 females that are 10 months old and 2 females that are 2 years old. The older ones are registered and the young ones come from registered parents. We didn’t register the litter because some of them weren’t showing perfect breed conformity. The 9 month old girls have floppy ears which isn’t ideal for the breed. They are great pigs though if you aren’t concerned about breed standards. The boys from that litter have better conformity and we are considering registration on them. Contact us for more information if you’re interested.
The American Guinea Hog Association has more information about the breed.

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New Nubian Does

We welcomed three new purebred Nubian does into our herd this week!

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