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Category: Farm Newbies

Surprise Chicks!

We found a momma hen and her clutch of chicks this morning!

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Kid School

It’s school time for all the kids on the farm! The four legged ones are practicing walking on a leash today. This little guy’s favorite part of school is definitely lunch time!

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Barred Rock Pullets

Our Barred Rock chicks are growing up quickly! We will probably be getting more chicks soon but not sure which breed. We might change it up a bit and get Marans and Easter Eggers again that lay dark brown and green or blue eggs!

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New Nubian Does

We welcomed three new purebred Nubian does into our herd this week!

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Even More Goat Kids!

Willow had twin bucklings today! They are purebred Nubians. Both are so sweet and calm! They are definitely taking after their mom! One of them is almost identical to Willow and the other is more frosted and looks like his dad. Both are available for sale with ADGA purebred registration paperwork.

They are $225 each.

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Barred Rock Chicks

We have 50 new Barred Rock pullets! The breed is a heritage “American” breed which is considered dual purpose. They will be black with white stripes on their feathers. We are looking forward to having more eggs by the end of the year!

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More Goat Kids

Daisy with her kids.

Daisy had twins! An adorable brown doeling with moonspots and a buckling that is almost identical to Daisy except for a dark spot on his back. They are super cute! They are purebred Nubian goats and will be registered with the ADGA. Both are available once weaned around the end of Summer.

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Baby Goats have arrived!

Micaela and her twin bucklings.

Micaela had the first kids of the year! Twin bucklings that are just too cute! We plan to retain the buckling on the left but Honey Badger is available. He will be ADGA Purebred registered. His “undercarriage” is all white and he has really cool brown coloring on his legs.

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Happy Birthday

Our calf had her first birthday today! She looks all grown up!

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